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Educational Services provides for a full range of educations and trainings in the field of Business Continuity and Crisis Management.

BCM Academy

BCM Academy supports organisations at introducing Business Continuity Management. BCM Academy supplies the knowledge to make BCM possible in the organisation and the expert’s assessment necessary to successfully introduce BCM in the organisation. Furthermore BCM Academy provides in test and trainingprogrammes in order to examine the BC and Crisis Management system and an accredited programme to check the functioning of the BCM process.

Extensive information on the field of study ‘Business Continuity & Crisis Management’ is to be found further on this site. For additional information you can always contact us or the easy to use BCM Pocketbook can be ordered as a reference work.

The information on this website is not completely availaible in English. Please contact us at 0031 341 410914 if you require additional information.

News & Updates

BCM Academy Award 2009

eb6033f0cc.jpgDuring the Heliview Business Continuity Management symposium that took place on the 19th of May 2009 in Zeist, The Netherlands, the BCM Academy Award for Business Continuity Manager of the year 2009 was awarded to René Cornelisse of the Dutch bank and insurance company SNS REAAL. 
This year an independent board of experts selected, based on research, three nominees for the BCM Academy Award 2009 from a broad range of candidates. The three nominees stood out from the other candidates by demonstrating outstanding skills, innovatory capabilities and creativity. During the finals the nominees were presented with a fictitious company that was hit by a pandemic outbreak. They had to complete three crisis management assignments which each of them had to present to the audience. The audience could then vote by sending a text message. René Cornelisse was proclaimed winner of the BCM Academy Award 2009 and received a bronze sculpture.

René is the successor of Hans Boudestein of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, who was the winner of the BCM Academy Award in the year 2008.

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